Doctor Faustus

'What art thou Faustus, but a man condemned to die?'


Greed, corruption and damnation are rampant in this one-man adaptation of the Elizabethan classic. Repentance plagues a haunted Faustus when he strikes a deal with Lucifer; 24 years of power and knowledge in return for Faustus' tormented soul.


Roma Farnell directs Harry Boaz in her bold one-man interpretation which tours the UK this year following its opening at the Malvern Festival Theatre in 2020.

'Faustus is carried successfully by Harry Boaz, a talented young actor with the lithe grace of an athlete and the capacity for tragedy of a young Paul Scofield'

Richard Edmonds

'Roma Farnell has done a remarkable job transforming Christopher Marlowe's drama into a production for a single performer... The eerie atmosphere created, especially by excellent sound effects and clever lighting design, is very effective.'

Tim Crow

Check back soon for 2021 UK tour dates

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